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BOTANIC - without ammonia
BOTANIC - without ammonia - TAHE - Hair Color

BOTANIC - without ammonia
TAHE - Hair Color

BOTANIC - senza ammoniaca

basis of Argan oil, vegetable waxes and protective fixative.
All the active ingredients are combined in a creamy, easy to apply and distribute that moisturizes and protects the hair without damaging the structure of cells and leaving the hair shiny and full-bodied.
100 % coverage of gray hair, lightening up to 2 tones, gentle on the scalp and hair, natural fragrance and great brilliance.
Shades available in 36 shades can be mixed, divided into families NATURAL, TOBACCO, GOLD, GOLD NATURAL BEIGE, CHOCOLATE, MAHOGANY, COFFEE, COPPER, PURPLE, RED.
method of use : mixed with the oxidizer to 10, 20, 30 volumes in the ratio 1:1.5, leave on for 30 minutes and rinse